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The SAT Subject Tests are designed to ascertain students’ abilities in various academic subjects.  One-on-One specializes in the Math and Literature Subject Tests.

Differences Between the SAT and the Sat Subject Tests

While both the SAT and the SAT Subject Tests help colleges to determine a student’s abilities, they test different things.  The SAT is mainly a reasoning test, focused mostly on a student’s critical thinking capabilities.  While a student needs to know vocabulary and some formulas, the SAT is not focused on a student’s range of knowledge.  The SAT Subject Tests however are designed to measure how much you know about specific disciplines.  Doing well on a Subject Test indicates that a student has a thorough understanding of a subject, possessing both a wealth of knowledge on that subject and a firm grasp on how to use it.

Preparing for the SAT Subject Tests

With One-on-One, you are guaranteed the best in SAT prep.  The SAT Subject Test prep program can help you master subject-specific content, build skills with practice tests, and learn proven test-taking techniques.

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SAT Subject Test Prep

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“Working with Adam for the months that I did was truly a pleasure. He

brought a sense of humor, a solid work ethic, and an incomparable knowledge of the subject matter to the world of SAT prep that made even the sessions at 9 a.m. on Saturdays surprisingly bearable and actually enjoyable. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a talented and effective tutor and a guaranteed rise in test scores.”

    -Patrick S., student

Final SAT Score:  2230


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