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“Studying for the SAT was definitely stressful and filled with many

obstacles.  Working with Adam not only made it much easier, but also fun.  He’s animated and yet driven; I felt like he really wanted me to improve.  The score I got on my first practice test was considerably lower than my goal score, but with Adam’s help, I was able to bring my score up significantly.  During our sessions, Adam was consistently able to pinpoint my errors and help me to eliminate them.  We always set achievable goals and that kept me determined.  Adam is a great teacher and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

    -Nick B., student

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Freshman Year

Concentrate on your studies, getting the highest GPA you can.  Other than reading novels that challenge you and trying to build your vocabulary, don’t worry about the SAT too much.  Toward the end of the school year however, you may want to start thinking about the PSAT as this will be coming up in October of your next academic year.

Sophomore Year

You may want to take one AP class this year along with the corresponding SAT Subject Test at the end of the year.  During the second semester, you may want to start focusing on the SAT and the PSAT.  If you did not take the PSAT at the beginning of this academic year, you will definitely want to take it next year as the the PSAT is used to determine your eligibility for the National Merit Scholarship.  Also, many students take the SAT for the first time in their junior year, so you may want to get a leg up by starting to study as early as possible.

Junior Year

If you haven’t already, take the PSAT.  Take another AP class and compliment your studies with a tutoring review before you take the subject test.  This is a critical year for SAT success, so make sure to get as prepared as you can.  I recommend that you take the SAT by the end of your junior year so that if you decide that you want a higher score, you have time to refresh your studies and take it again.  Remember that the SAT and the SAT Subject Tests have testing dates that overlap, so make sure that you leave room in your test schedule for both.

Senior Year

The first semester of your senior year is your last opportunity to take the SAT and the SAT Subject Tests, so make sure that you are prepared.  I recommend studying during the summer as you will be spending much of your senior year visiting colleges and filling out college applications, not to mention concentrating on your AP classes.