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PSAT Private Tutoring Tailored to Your Child

One-on-One tutorials insure that your child gets the personal attention not available in group sessions; course work and homework assignments are tailored to each child’s particular needs.  In addition, finding a class that fits into your schedule is no longer a problem since you can schedule lessons when it is convenient for you.

Extensive Experience and Proven Success

With One-on-One, you are guaranteed the best in PSAT prep.  One-on-One offers you a tutor with near-perfect PSAT scores, seven years of PSAT tutoring experience, and countless success stories.

Helping Students at Any Level

One-on-One has the most effective techniques for significantly raising PSAT scores.  The tutorials cover all the information needed for success while also providing easy-to-remember tips, shortcuts, timing techniques, and guessing strategies.  Individualized homework is assigned after each lesson, specifically tailored to boost each child’s strengths and improve his weaknesses.

Door-to-Door Service

Traveling around New York City can be a time-consuming process.  Well now, with One-on-One’s door-to-door service, your child will have no need to leave the comfort of his own home.  I will come right to the front door at no extra cost.

Affordable Education

Many companies believe that they can charge huge fees for impersonal jam-packed classes.  I do not think that you should have to pay an arm and a leg to receive the best test preparation available.  I therefore provide one-on-one tutorials that cost less than what the other companies charge for full-size classroom courses.

Practice and Preparation

The high pressure associated with the PSAT can produce quite a bit of test anxiety in your child.  To ensure that your child feels comfortable and confident on the day of the actual test, I periodically give full-length practice tests that simulate realistic testing conditions.  Not only will your child feel better prepared for the test, but it gives us the opportunity to pinpoint what your child’s strengths and weaknesses are and to gauge your child’s progress throughout the tutoring program.

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“Adam is a GREAT teacher!!  Even when I didn’t feel like study-

ing, he was somehow always able to get me interested in whatever we were working on...He never let me get away with anything, in the best way.

    -Naomi B., student


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