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About the SAT Subject Tests

Reason to Take Them

Most selective colleges require at least two SAT Subject Tests.  Your scores are compared to other applicants from across the country and are used to help make admissions and placement decisions.

Which Tests You Should Take

Take the tests you feel the most comfortable with and which you will do well on.  Though most schools weigh the various SAT Subject Tests equally, one of the math tests is usually a requirement.  Check with your target schools to determine exactly which tests they require.

Question Types

All questions are multiple-choice.

When You Should Take Them

While you can take the SAT Subject Tests at any point in your high school career, it is a good idea to take them right after finishing related subjects in school.  However, many students schedule them for the first semester of their senior year.

How They Are Scored

Each test is scored on a 200 to 800-point scale.

Length of a Subject Test

Each test is one hour long.

Signing Up For Multiple Tests

You can sign up for up to three SAT Subject Tests on any given test date.

How to Register

Registration deadlines tend to fall approximately five weeks before each test date.  To register, you can either visit, or call ETS at 609-771-7600 and ask them to send you a free copy of the College Board’s Bulletin for the SAT Program, which contains a registration form.  The cost for registration is $22.00

“Adam has taught me so many helpful things that I never thought

that I could do, from multiplying to algebra, and now I am very confident in mathematics and English.”

- Jonathan P., ISEE student


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