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How the ACT is Scored

Each of the ACT’s four test sections, English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science, is scored on a scale of 1-36.  A composite score is also given on a 1-36 scale, which is the average of your four test scores.

Average ACT Scores

College and ACT Scores

Each college and university weighs your ACT scores differently, but generally the scores are considered to be the second most important part of your college application, coming right after your grade-point average.  Of course, letters of recommendation, personal essays, interviews, and extracurriculars are also weighed in the decision process.

Receiving Your Score

Official score reports are mailed to your home within 4 to 7 weeks after your test date, however if you log on to the ACT website, you will be able to view your scores within two to three weeks.  In your score report you will find:

  1. *A score ranging from 1 to 36 for each of the four ACT test sections, English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science.

  2. *A composite score ranging from 1 to 36, which is the average of your four test scores.

  3. *A rank that shows the percent of recent high school graduates who took the ACT and scored at or below each of your scores.  This percentile will help you to understand how your score compared to the scores of other test takers.

If you take the Writing Test, you will also receive a Writing Test sub-score, ranging from 0 to 12, and a combined English/Writing score, ranging from 1 to 36, along with comments about your essay.  (The Writing Test score does not affect your composite score).

An official score report will also be sent to your home approximately four to six weeks after you take the test.

The Writing Section

Each school uses the Writing Test score of the ACT differently.  Some schools give the score a lot of weight in the admissions process, while many schools have indicated that while they will look at Writing Test scores, they will not give them much, if any, consideration.  And  a third group of schools has not yet made a final decision about how they intend on using the scores.

If you would like to know how much emphasis your target schools put on the ACT Writing Test, make sure to ask them how they will be using your Writing score.

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